Ssl certificate store viewer

SSL Certificate Store Viewer

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SSL Cert Store Viewer is the free Tool to view all the installed SSL certificates from your local system store.

Currently it can automatically scan and display Certificates from following type of stores,

* CA Certificate Store
* Private Certificate Store
* Root Certificate Store
* Software Publisher Certificate Store
* Enterprise Trust Certificate Store
* Trusted Publisher Certificate Store
* Untrusted Certificate Store

For each discovered SSL certificate it displays following information

* Certificate Store
* Certificate Subject Name
* Certificate Issuer Name
* Issue Date
* Expiry Date

It also checks if any of the certificate is expired. If so then it will be displayed in RED color.

Also you can select any certificate and delete it from the store. Finally you can generate detailed report of displayed certificate list in HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file.

SSL Cert Store Viewer is fully portable and works on all Windows platforms starting

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