Spt correlations software - novospt

SPT Correlations Software - NovoSPT

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NovoSPT is designed for analyzing Standard Penetration Test (SPT/DCPT) blow counts and estimating soil engineering properties using about 300 correlations. The following features are incorporated:

- All correction factors including rod length, sampling method and borehole diameter, depth, correction for ground water table
- Bearing capacity and settlement
- Wildcat & DCP penetrometer conversion
- Classification of soil layers
- Estimation of various soil properties (more than 25) including Phi, Su, Vs, Es, Gmax, Dr, etc.
- Correlation with depth of borehole
- Powerful reporting and printing features
- Importing SPT data and soil layers data from text files (*.txt) and from gINT files
- Exporting all tables and graphs to Excel and image formats

visit http://www.novotechsoftware.com/spt/ for more information. Download FREE trial version and explore how NovoSPT helps you through your geotechnical projects. Novo Tech offers excellent support.

Also available for iPhone and iPad: http://

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