Free nfo viewer

Free NFO Viewer

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An NFO format is one that includes ASCII graphics which need a specialised tool to view on such files. The Free NFO Viewer is such software that enables the user to view them. This format is a text based one. These are not actual files, but are informative extensions about the main files that contain the text. Though they can be opened with the help of Notepad, the software makes it even more attractive with a number of features. This Free NFO Viewer enables the user to change the background colour and font of the text, amongst other functions. The download itself is quite simple and can be accomplished within a few minutes time. Once the software is installed, the user can immediately use it for viewing NFO files in high quality. The fact that the format can be opened and viewed with just a few clicks makes it a simple, yet powerful tool. The interface is user friendly and the menu allows the user to make the Viewer even more useful. The Free NFO Viewer is quite flexible as it support

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