Free facebook monitoring

Free Facebook Monitoring

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Free Facebook Monitoring software is useful to monitor the Facebook activities of children. Apart from parents, it can also be used by others who need to record the data and activity taking place on specific Facebook accounts. The activities are captured in screen images so that they can be viewed and accessed easily. This tool is effective in keeping a tab on the usage of the most popular social networking site. Since it has become a social status to have an account on Facebook, even children have started using this website. Though there are many advantages of the same, it is important to monitor the activity of children and other sensitive accounts so that it is not misused. The Free Facebook Monitoring is a useful program that is easy to monitor the activity of such accounts. This is done invisibly, i.e. without the user knowing that the account is being monitored. Apart from Facebook, other networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter, etc can also be included. It also keeps track of

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