Free duplicate file finder

Free Duplicate File Finder

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Media Freeware has come to you with another free and powerful application for finding and removing duplicate files named Free Duplicate File Finder. As name says, its job is to search and remove your PC from duplicate files. It has a rich set of parameters which enable you to find your unnecessary files and remove them. Basic Engine is a good way to start. You can specify your criteria for searching files such as search by File Name, File Extension and File Date Time. There is also an Advanced Engine which is suitable for professional users because of its additional search options. There is a "Filters" tab and its job is to make your work a lot easier by filtering which file types you want to search for. You can define various options for searching such as File Modified Date Range, File Size range, Include Hidden Files and Folders and even search for protected system files and folders. "Exclusions" tab is also very useful because it excludes predefined file types and paths from scannin

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